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1-30 September 2016

Curated by Post-Museum

Presented at The Substation


For the month of September, Post-Museum presents Survey: Space, Sharing, Haunting, a series of programmes examining and reflecting upon the state of arts and culture in Singapore.

Post-Museum will re-configure the space in The Substation for Survey. One of the significant changes is altering the way audiences enter into the historic ‘Home of the Arts’ for the month. The main door will be closed, and audiences will enter and exit from another opening in the building.

In terms of programmes, there will be several month-long projects in Survey, such as So It May Seed (an urban farm growing food crops), Post-Provision (a shop selling merchandise), and Club House (multi-purpose social space).

The Survey exhibition forms the backbone of the programme. It is a combination of intersecting threads which speak to a diversity of cultural practices and reflects the state of the arts and culture in Singapore. The work of more than 20 individuals and groups are featured.

In addition, there will be a range of activities which further elucidate the three themes of Survey, including Activity Station, Club, Event, Lecture, Performance, and Residency.

Almost all of the activities are free entry, with prior registration required. Please see www.post-museum.org for more information, to register for events and to purchase tickets.


About Post-Museum

Jakarta Really Really Free Market: Installation at Gudang Sarinah, 2015

Post-Museum is an independent cultural and social space in Singapore which aims to encourage and support a thinking and pro-active community. It is an open platform for examining contemporary life, promoting the arts and connecting people. Through their Social Practice art projects, Post-Museum aims to respond to its location and communities as well as find ways to create micro-Utopias where the people actively imagine and create the cultures and worlds they desire.


Bukit Brown Index (2014-) is a project that indexes the case of Bukit Brown Cemetery. The struggle to conserve Bukit Brown is not read as sentimental conservation but a struggle over Singapore’s Soul. Part of a worldwide movement, Post-Museum’s Really Really Free Market Series (2009-) forms temporary autonomous zones based on alternative gift economy. The project creates a temporal physical manifestation of a ‘free market’ where the fundamental economic structure is altered with a structure that values acts of ‘giving, sharing and caring’.
Currently operating nomadically, Post-Museum continues to organise, curate, research and collaborate with a network of social actors and cultural workers.